What the hell?

Oh, stuff…
Right, so I’m old… I mean not in my 30′s, I mean older than that.

If I was in Logans Run I would be “regenerated”. Those of you that don’t know what Logans Run is should go away now and watch a classic old film.

Anyway I got my 1st computer in 1981, Christmas, and it was so awesome I have been over excited about bytes ever since.

Stuff that interests me (in no particular order) :-
Videogames (Xbox360/PS3/Wii – and all things before that!)
F1 (Go Team McLaren!)
Science (it blows my mind – in such a good way)
Space (it’s awfully pretty)
Tech (an old guy with a finger on the pulse)
Metal Detecting (amazing what you can dig up)
Star Wars (Han solo is a role model for all men)
Walking (nice way to see the World)
Travel (sun or snow, I don’t mind)
Stella Artois (liquid gold)
History (wouldn’t be here without it!)
Genealogy (who survived for me to be here?)
Life (It’s pretty cool, ain’t it!)
Books ( F1 autobiographies and Clive Cussler are currently on the shelf )
and plenty else…
Write me: smuggsy @ live.co.uk
Tweet me: http://twitter.com/#!/Smuggsy
Stalk me: http://www.facebook.com/robbcrampton

Love you!

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