So many games… so little time…

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a Year since I posted anything retrogaming related, but it’s been a busy year and now I’ve got time again.

I picked up this sexy monster off of ebay today:-



But that’s just a clunky old original Xbox I hear you say!

NO! this is no ordinary Xbox, I have discovered the beauty that is CoinOPS!

Thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of arcade/console and old school gaming machines are emulated in this awesome little package, bolted on to XBMC.

Naturally the first game I headed for was StarForce… the greatest arcade shooter ever designed, okay apart from Defender or Salamander or R-Type… okay well I just think it’s up there anyway 🙂

star force ingame

A perfect arcade conversion. Smooth, silky graphics and sound… hours and hours of high scoring fun.

As I was in the S’s I noticed StarBlade. I haven’t played this since the arcades in the 80’s, but what a beautiful game. Fantastic speech synthesis too, for the time.




Staying on the S’s I had to have a go at Smash TV…

BINGO! more great fun.

Smash TV 20150124_145245

So yeah it took me most of the day just to get through a handful of games, just another few thousand to go.

Would highly recommend you google the CoinOPS emulators. I looks like these guys put a shedload of time to make this thing look so good, and to make it so easy for us to re-live our youth.

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3 Responses to So many games… so little time…

  1. Hi Smuggsy! Welcome back! 😀 And that CoinOPS stuff looks cool.. do I need a modded Xbox for this?

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