Quicksilva… sexy software!

Picked up a whole batch of Quicksilva games off the bay this week, to add to the collection. They made some great games but they are worth collecting just for the sexy artwork 🙂


Quicksilva 29042014 DSC_0365




And now they are tucked away in their very own retro-80’s tape case 😀

Best cassettes 29042014DSC_0373

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2 Responses to Quicksilva… sexy software!

  1. Anthony Cotter says:

    Hi there… my wife’s father Nick Lambert was the original founder of Quicksilva.. I have 4 original pieces of artwork from the games… they are quality:) Glad you love it like us…. he’s passed on now over 13 years ago.. gone too soon.

    • smuggsy says:

      Hey Anthony, thanks for the comment.
      I bet the artwork is amazing on a larger scale, you lucky folks.
      Sorry to hear of Nick’s passing. Quicksilva were undoubtedly responsible for bringing a lot of joy in to many homes, a proud branch to have in your history.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

      All the best,

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