Pictures speak louder than words…

It’s late and I’ve just got back from GEEK2014 – great show, as ever.

I haven’t much time to write stuff so I thought I would just do a random post about whatever I’ve nabbed lately and added to the retrogaming collection. Just a bunch of pictures for your pleasure 🙂

Darius Twin SNES Jap 17022014 Another QL 13022014 N64 Fighters Destiny sealed 13022014 N64 MKSZ Sealed 12022014 N64 Mario Kart N64 Castlevania 12022014 N64 Zelda MM 12022014 SuperAleste SNES 08022014 IM2 C64 retrogaming post 03022014 gamecube 01022014pokemon Monkey Island 2 Amiga 31012014 WiiNES 31012014 father and son 2 player QS Joystick for Megadrive 30012014 DSC_1688 Turrican Megadrive 30012014b zx81 my banner 28012014b ZX81 in original post box 2012014 harrier attack speccy op wolf 20p 20012014 loft 19012014_2_DKcustom loft 19012014_3_PS1classics loft 19012014_4_DCclassics loft 19012014_5_PS1classics2 loft 19012014_6_PS1classics3 loft 19012014_7_PS1FFclassics JSW Various 09012014 Luxury ZX81 09012014 Elite C64 05012014 Thalamus 20131218_210340 quickshot

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