Let me be your Fantasy…

So I’m re-living a classic today… perfect Sunday afternoon gaming.

I have the original PS1 and PC versions, but they are safely locked away in the loft. I decided to pick up the Steam version for just a few quid and it looks oh-so-pretty. Cloud actually has a face and not a pixelated mush (not that there is anything wrong with pixelated mush!)
Happy days 🙂
I barely remember getting off the 1st disk when I played it all those years ago, shame on me. My attention span is not that good for games, preferring a quick blast rather than losing an entire weekend to 1 game.
But I’ve decided, and a bit determined, to see this thing through… fingers crossed 🙂
2013-12-15_00002 2013-12-15_00003 2013-12-15_00004 2013-12-15_00005 2013-12-15_00015

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