Apparently this is a mess…

So, following recent trips to the loft I appear to have accumulated a bit of kit in the spare room.

<sigh> Guess I’ll have to put it all away somewhere neat and tidy. But of course the disadvantage is that I keep stopping to play something… so this could take a while 🙂

sort out the clutter 15032013



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9 Responses to Apparently this is a mess…

  1. Lot’s of goodies there.. yum, yum! 😀

    Btw.. I’m on the hunt for Blow Up! for the MSX for my father, but no one has it for sale. If you’ve got a copy to spare, I’m very interested.

  2. stiggyworld says:

    Say, that’s a nice stash you’ve got there fella….and two intellie’s, very jealous. I like looking at pictures like this, lots of things to explore and discover. Are those 5 1/4″ floppies I see I the right?

    • smuggsy says:

      Thanks mate. Sadly the Coleco’s need some TLC because both of the graphics chips have blown, so that’s a project for another day 🙂
      Yup, I got a job lot of about 400 5.25″ floppies from ebay. A lot don’t work, or need formatting, but a good 40% have some great games on them.

  3. mapackard says:

    ZX Scrabble was surprisingly difficult to beat. Is the Expert cartridge a c-64 backup by button jobby?

    • smuggsy says:

      I remember playing Scrabble with the whole family, back in the day. A really intelligent game for it’s time. Yup, The Expert Cartridge is a tape-to-disc copier, software cruncher and a great hex editor all built in.

  4. mapackard says:

    Thought it looked familiar. Never used one myself. There was once a freelance who brought one in and insisted on cracking my level passwords. I said I knew I needed to encrypt them yet, but he just kept on insisting until, surprise surprise, he cracked them. Looked a good piece of kit.

    • smuggsy says:

      A very good bit of kit. Other than the obvious piracy benefits, it was essential to crunch tape games and copy them to disk. The copy automatically de-crunched and made loading times a fraction of what they would be for tapes. Hex’ing around the code was also great fun, changing loading screens and adding an extra life or two to games was always handy. Haven’t a clue how to use it nowadays of course, those talents are long lost to faded memories and time 🙂

  5. stiggyworld says:

    Hehe, just looked again..of course they’re Coleco’s. I think I just glimpse the joypads and instantly thought they were Intellivisions for some reason. I’ll start again – Say, that’s a nice stash you’ve got there fella…and two Colecointellivisions…..d’oh 🙂

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