Minus temperatures and a coastal windchill factor that could freeze hell did not deter 1000’s of geeks descending on the South East town of Margate this weekend.

The 2nd year of #GEEK – Game Expo East Kent – opened it’s doors to a throng of both young and old. The Exhibition is mainly focused on the retrogaming scene (perfect!) but it did cater for modern gamers too; with Halo tournaments along side Super Mario Kart tournaments, hosted by world champion record holders of the game.  It was a really great weekend and I just couldn’t tear myself away from such greats as Jetpac, Dropzone, Stunt Car Racer, Elite, Thrust and many many more.

Also met the 2 folks behind ‘Bedrooms to Billions’ and a couple of very nice people they are too! they gave a talk about the making of the forthcoming docufilm. We got a sneaky peek at what it has to offer and I’m really looking forward to the whole thing.

Here are some pics of the fun on offer. If Replay Events are hosting anything near you then I suggest you merrily skip along and have some bloody good fun.


geek2013 overview stunt car racer on the a1200 at geek elite of the bbc at geek geek2013 overview2 freeplay pinball at geek ghost n goblins on the super turbografx at geek geek2013 overview3 jet pac epicness at geek id rather have a commodore bedrooms to billions at geek

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6 Responses to #GEEK2013

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Sounds like you had fun mate, those RE chaps sure can put on a good show. Loving the actual venue as well, looks an amazing place.

    • smuggsy says:

      Thanks mate. Yeah it’s an old theatre hall, nice tall ceilings and some fine old architecture. This is a much better use of it’s time rather than turning it in to a bingo hall 🙂
      Relay Events are brilliant, will definitely be tracking them around the country and trot along to another event at some point.

  2. Jon Masters says:

    Yay there’s a Beeb in there, best machines ever made I reckon.
    Lovin’ your blog 🙂

    • smuggsy says:

      I have a couple of them in the loft waiting for me to find the time to play. Very good machines 🙂
      Thanks for the comments matey, much appreciated!

      • Jon Masters says:

        In the loft?? :-O
        They must be brought down and dusted off this weekend for some OSWRCH action 🙂

      • smuggsy says:

        I haven’t the room on my desk, which is currently occupied by 2 ZX Spectrums, 1 Commodore 64, 2 Commodore Amiga’s, 1 Megadrive and a SNES 😀
        They are a whole new project for another day!

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