I waited up half the night for… what?

Okay, little announcement made to the World yesterday and my opinion follows.

Warning: Swearing, ranting plus a general output of disappointment and frustration follows. Sorry if you are offended. I’m normally not an angry person so please just take this as a fully fledged rant, with a smile 🙂

20 th February 2013 – 11pm – glued to the PS4 announcement. 2 hours later I went to bed and fell asleep immediately. Unfortunately my head was not full of excitement, eagerness or powerful images of super-charged next-gen gaming.

blah blah blah it has RAM, GPU and a few teraflops… you would expect that, right? It’s not news and it’s still shedloads slower than a nice PC spec. Albeit that PC spec is a bit more expensive but we are supposed to use these consoles for 6-7 years nowadays.

Ok, what else…

Drive Club! The game that was 9 years in the making: No it wasn’t! that’s just marketing speak for a load of crap that nobody took any notice of for 7 years, and finally got a shot at ripping off GT/Forza – which are already way too established for it to muscle in on. Unless it replaces Project Gotham, it will be uworthy.
Killzone 4 looked like GoW3 or Crysis 3, it was okay but nothing special.
They used a wrinkly old dude to show off the potential for graphics FFS! Seriously? pert boobs ‘n arse would have been better . Yes, sexist, sorry, but it’s what grabs the attention of most, even the ladies 🙂
Knack: From the creators of Ratchet and Clank we have – Ratchet and Clank but with a new name. Looked interesting enough.The dualshock controller: What the holy hell is that all about? The touchpad looks completely in the wrong place. Ergonomically it should be in the lower half of the pad, if anywhere at all.Watch dogs is a go at GTA, looked interesting.Deep Down showed a bit of potential, in the 2 seconds of gameplay that we actually saw.Finally, to top off the disappointing rant: I waited up all night to see Media Molecule appear. Creators of, IMHO, truly the greatest platform game ever, and I’ve played them all. I wanted to see a new Little Big Planet. Instead we got to see a bunch of twats using a dildo to paint duck-shaped dog shit on the screen. Sweet Jesus, WTF?

Oh yeah, the funniest part of the evening is when they wheeled out the old dude from Square Enix who struggled to build tension for the greatest ever announcement since the invention of the wheel: “YES!! THERE WILL BE A FINAL FANTASY GAME FOR PS4”
Well no fucking shit Sherlock, it’s a flagship game and not exactly the greatest surprise ever. It’s like Nintendo announcing a Mario game.

And why no actual picture of the console? I think it’s a JFK “We choose to go to the Moon” moment, Sony have given the tech guys a deadline and now they have to go and build the thing.

Anyway, I’m sure I will get one eventually but not until it is half the launch price with some true next-gen names behind it.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to rant about the ‘share’ button: As if the internets are not already full of videos from COD fanboys busy teabagging each other, now Sony makes that easier for them… great!  🙂
Oh, in case anyone thinks I am an Xbox fanboy, I own a PS3, 360 and a Wii – so no, not a fanboy at all. Just a gamer that really looks forward to the giant leaps in gaming… and disappointed when they seem to fall flat. It is early days, hopefully better things will grow from it.

/rant over 🙂

Normal service shall now resume…

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