Nothing like a nice rummage…

Went to the loft looking for something and as usual I got slightly distracted.

I love these little trips to the loft, they end up saving me money. How? Well, I find things that I forgot I have, but am watching out for on ebay, so I scratch them off the ebay list = I save money. That’s how I explain it to the Wife 🙂
My Sunday will consist of fixing 3 x  ZX Spectrum’s, playing various games and staring lovingly at a VIC-20 that I found, and that in itself is a whole project for another day. Housework can wait, right?  🙂
this is my sunday 17022013
VIC20 17022013
c64 disks3 17022013 c64 disks2 17022013 c64 disks 17025013
Found some awesome stickers to Pimp the SNES with, thanks to C&VG 🙂
pimp your snes

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6 Responses to Nothing like a nice rummage…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Fantastic mate, sounds like another fun filled weekend. Where to start first!

    It’s funny you should mentioned housework..I find the zen to being a happy retro gamer is to do the housework first. That way ying/yang balance is retained and wife doesn’t get upset when you’ve been ‘playing’ all day 🙂 this also has the advantage of increased allowance on ebay and if you’ve done a particularly top job, talk of owning a real pinball table isn’t shot down too early 🙂

  2. mapackard says:

    Love the ‘staring lovingly’!

  3. seb says:

    Oh, some lovely C64 titles here.
    Any chance of you selling some of them on now that you have your SD2IEC working? 😉

    • smuggsy says:

      hehe… erm, no! sorry 🙂
      They will still take pride and place in the collection. The SD2 is for when I actually have time to play them 🙂

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