Return of the breadbin…

So, I have a number of C64’s in the collection, but the day-to-day machine that I mess around with is in a 3rd party case (looks like a C64C)
This didn’t really bug me, until I saw a nice empty breadbin on eBay for a couple of quid. Today, I took the current machine apart and re-settled it in it’s rightful place…
Looks great and I’m happy!  🙂
Yeah I know it is an easy little project, but I rarely put things back together and get them to work 🙂

1_commodore 64 3rd party keyboard

c64 strange -backlabel

3_commodore 64 3rd party open4_commodore 64 breadbin guts

2_commodore 64 empty breadbin5_commodore 64 breadbin restored

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1 Response to Return of the breadbin…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Those South Oz cases always looked kinda cool back in the day (well i thought so) but you can’t beat going back to the classic breadbin case these days. Looks in nice condition too.

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