Dear Commodore 64 entire back catalogue: I pWN U!

So, finally got my SD2IEC card working for the Commodore 64. It’s a bit temperamental but if I talk to it nicely then it works very well.

This means I now can suddenly own every single available Commodore 64 game, providing someone has made a .d64 file for it 😀

If you are unfamiliar with these little beautiful pieces of artistic circuitry, then head over to and have a read

Decided to fit mine it to a spare Raspberry Pi case – looks smashing! 🙂

Here are my first choices to fire up…

smash tv c64 23012013 Rtype C64 23012013 Commando C64 23012013 donkey kong C64 22012013 dropzone 22012013 welcome to suicide express 22012013

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2 Responses to Dear Commodore 64 entire back catalogue: I pWN U!

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Nice one mate, glad you got it working again in the end. Opens a whole new world doesn’t it!

    May I suggest SIDplay, which is a rather cool player to kick out some tunes directly on your c64. Also, some of the newer homebrew c64 stuff like Canabalt, Prince of Persia and all of the cool games over at RGCD. Great on an emulator but wait until you see them running on a real commie…goosebump 🙂

    Don’t forget, if you’ve got a VIC, your sd2iec should work on a that too.

    Happy gaming


    • smuggsy says:

      Thanks buddy, I’ll check all of those out.
      I think my VIC is buried in the loft, might have to dig it out at some point, but if you saw my loft then you would realise how difficult a problem that is. Boxes and boxes of retro gear from floor to ceiling 😀

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