I am the resurrection…

So I fired up the 16K Spectrum today, bought from eBay last week. Only to discover the usual problem, bloody keyboard membrane is broken on the bottom left side.
Bugger I thought! Bastard eBay I thought!
So I re-checked the listing and there it is, tucked in the small print: “Some keys don’t work” – That will teach me to buy something late at night whilst reading the description with blurred tired eyes 😦
Anybody who has attempted to replace the keyboard membrane of an original 1st gen Spectrum will realise that you virtually have to destroy the machine to do so.
Anyhoo… I just had a brain fart! I have 3 or 4 empty Spectrum 48K+ keyboards, without motherboards; I wonder if they fit?
Well, yes they do! It’s exactly the same architecture inside the Speccy+
W00t! 10 minutes later I have a perfect working 16K Spectrum in a shiney Speccy+ case. Re-attached the ribbon cables and job done!
I am happy as a pig in poo 🙂
But what use is a 16K Spectrum anyway? Not much! but at least it is working 🙂

16k ZXSpectrum  ebay 0901201316k speccy guts16k speccy+16k speccy rescued

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