My eBay buys for this week…

Just thought I would share 🙂
He’s what I have had this week:-

A very tidy 16k ZX Spectrum, boxed and with all the wires for £24.95 delivered. I already have 8 but most of them are 48k’s, think I only have 1 other 16k.

16k ZXSpectrum  ebay 09012013

A cool collection of ZX Spectrum games, including 2 classics by ‘Beyond’ – Lords of Midnight (yeay for the reboot too!) and Psytron
The set also includes Kixx versions of the brilliant  ‘Turrican‘, Dun Durach and New Zealand Story amongst others… all delivered for £11.22

zx spectrum games ebay 06012013

Another Psion Organiser hits the collection, think I have dozens of these now.This is the CM version, delivered for £6.95. Nice example too!

psion organiser CM ebay 09012013

Also got a great new toy to play with this weekend; a very nice Commodore 64 SD2IEC 1541 Disk Drive Emulation SD Card Reader.
This means I now pwn all your Commodore bases 🙂

c64 sdcard 1541 ebay 07012013
Oh, and thanks to twitter buddy @Hitch I did bid £120 on a beautiful copy of PanzerDragoonSaga for the SegaSaturn , just for a laugh, but sadly someone has outbid me 🙂
There ya go! more next week? Probably!!  🙂

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2 Responses to My eBay buys for this week…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Woo, nice haul you’ve got yourself there. Loving the cover art on that Psytron box – very retro!

    You’re sure going to have fun with that sc2iec. Got a few of those myself, fantastic bit of kit. Just think of all that new Homebrew stuff you can now run on proper hardware!

    Have fun mate.


  2. smuggsy says:

    Thanks mate. I’m struggling to get the SD2iec working actually 😦
    Got it working once, now I seem to have broken it 😀
    I tried to fastload Raid on Bungling Bay and it crashed, I reset the machine and now LOAD”*”,8 just keeps searching for the drive, nothing found.
    Tried updating firmware and changing the drive paths but nothing works.
    Getting late here now so hopefully I can sleep on it, and if the C64 gets a rest then it might be a bit more forgiving in the morning 🙂

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