Childhood memory regained…

It’s a New Year… 2013, so can somebody tell me why we are not all bouncing around in zero gravity and kicking up Moon dust? Why not? why? oh why… <sigh>

When I was a kid in the mid-70’s  Man had actually, albeit recently, ventured to other Worlds. Neil Armstrong was still a household name and continued to be one of the most popular elusive figures of our generation, right until his untimely demise in 2012.

We all wanted to be Neil Armstrong. I couldn’t wait for the next 25 years to fly by and get my hands on a flight to the Moon. Space was going to be very much available to the masses in 1999, at least that’s what Gerry Anderson led us to believe. His imagination was clearly much greater than NASA’s budget.

Anyway, rambling aside, and a tenuous link to the above nonsense, I loved Space 1999; I had all the toys and models as a kid. Sadly, like most kids, I thoroughly enjoyed destroying them! So I recently had a passion to own an Eagle again, and here she is. Yes, this entire little diatribe was simply to show off this beautiful little Dinky toy.

But it is so pretty… and damn worth it!

Space1999 Eagle Space1999 Eagle2

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5 Responses to Childhood memory regained…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Great post mate! I’ve been looking back at similar items i used to own myself, and rediscovering the ones I’d seemingly forgotten about until browsing some old scanned toy catalogues. Things like the bat-copter, various Action Man play sets and Action Jack kits (if you remember these?)

    Never had me an Eagle although I seem to recal wishing for the air fix model one christmas but getting a Fairie Swordfish bi-plane kit instead – nevermind, it was also a great kit!

  2. aliennerd says:

    Love it, great post. I used to have one of those as well. For some reason I went through a period of setting fire to all my toys, I suppose it was amusing at the time. James Bond cars, Action Man tanks and helicopters, Thunderbirds ships, you name it, I destroyed it, sigh…

    • smuggsy says:

      haha… me too, I called it “Authentic battle damage”
      To this day, I think I was about 10 years old at the time, I can see myself hammering a hole in the top of my Millennium Falcon, the image is truly burnt in my memory. It makes me want to cry! 🙂

  3. stiggyworld says:

    I used to shoot Kenner Star Wars figures with an air rifle…what was I thinking! 😦

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