Another shiny box of loveliness…

Regular readers, all 1 of you (me!) , will understand I have a pretty deep passion for a certain little black beauty. This thing is the sexiest way to carry around 1096 bytes of shear pleasure and joy. I refer of course to the groundbreaking, and life-changing, computing door wedge that is the Sinclair ZX81 (Timex 1000 to our friends across the pond)

Today I added another example of this fine machine to the collection, I think it’s my 14th at last count. It really is sex on legs. The red logo is a beacon of bright light in a dark backdrop from the golden age of computing. This was the birth of the computing Universe in the UK. More beautiful than a Higgs-Boson and equally rare in good condition.

I love it… and I’m here to share the love 🙂


zx81 04012013a boxed zx81 04012013 zx81 psu 04012013 zx81 guarantee

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1 Response to Another shiny box of loveliness…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Say, that’s a mighty fine specimen you got there, veeeerry nice. Ever thought about a ZXpand? Not cheap but oh so good.

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