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“Your creatures need a place to rest. Build them a lair.”

One of my favourite old skool big box awesome PC games, picked up for a steal at 99p from ebay. What a classic, shame it isn’t on floppy disk is all I can say 🙂 It’s payday…

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Follow me!… okay!

I’m so very much eagerly awaiting the best game of 2013 already! Abe is a legend. Oddworld is certainly one of the Top 5 PS1 releases and the little fella is getting all polished up for a HD re-boot. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Day 6 in the big Mo Bro Gro!

Well ‘The Trucker’ is coming along nicely, trying not to pick a fight with the mutton chops. If you are so inclined, feel free to spare me a quid to help cure cancer – thanking you muchly!

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