So, what’s in the box…

Following on from my recently acquired skip load of PC games, Stiggy asked for a few visions of the beauty residing inside the boxes; so here are some views:-




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2 Responses to So, what’s in the box…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Outstanding Sir! Big box games are so cool especially with big fat printed manuals and maps galore. I haven’t seen some of these titles in ages and you forget how cool some of the boxart is. Take Syndicate wars for example, surperb!

    Thanks for taking the time to photograph and upload mate, much appreciated.

    Happy gaming.

    Kind regards


    • smuggsy says:

      No problem matey, happy to oblige. Hopefully I’ll get a few of them running at the weekend and do a 3rd post of loading/in-game screens.
      It’s incredible the amount of stuff that we used to get “as standard”. Civilization for instance, a phenomenal amount of stuff. Nowadays you have to pay 3 times as much for a special edition.

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