And now for something slightly different…

So, Commodore’s have taken over my life in the past couple of months. Had some amazing fun with the 64 and Amiga’s. But now it’s time to move on a bit. I’ll be dusting off the Megadrive this weekend and reacquainting myself with some classics. Here’s what I have in mind:-



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2 Responses to And now for something slightly different…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Sound like a ‘mega’funtastic weekend ahead then mate. Like how you’ve got a double dose of Chaos Engine 🙂 Flashback would be top of my list as this Amiga classic is even better with the multibuttoned Megadrive controller. Quite a few titles in your stash I’ve not played before so might need to check some of these out myself.

    Happy gaming.


  2. smuggsy says:

    Thanks mate 🙂
    Yeah, hehe… didn’t realise until after I posted the pic that I had CE in there twice, just goes to show my love for the game 😀
    I’ll post some pics of the gaming session, perhaps give you an idea of the games you haven’t seen before. They are all great fun. Really looking forward to Flashback too, and Desert Strike, great fun!

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