A week or two in retro heaven…

So here’s just a few things I’ve been up to this past week or so, in between juggling a full time job (don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way of fun!)

Firstly, some great times with the US Gold classic: Raid Over Moscow

Street Fighter II made an appearance on the Amiga (and no sign of Kylie Minogue!)

Geoff Crammond graced my Amiga with the fine rendition of a Grand Prix sim..

Another Amiga classic… Thunderhawk!

Broke out the modern kit, but to play my favourite old arcade game… ever!

Starforce (courtesy of the Caanoo)

I bought a nice collection of 2000AD comics (circa early 80’s) from ebay, for less than a fiver. It has re-ignited my interest in the Judge and will begin a journey of repatriation with the story:-

This month marks the 30th anniversary of our faithful Commodore 64. RetroGamer has an excellent write up, check it out:-

I picked up the 2nd edition of Project-X for the Amiga, by the great chaps at Team 17. I was so looking forward to the challenge of this game, it makes R-Type seem so easy. Sadly the disks didn’t work (such are the joys of fleabay sometimes) so I just stared at the box-art and sighed 🙂

Other ebay purchases this week include:-

1) Another copy of Datastorm for the Amiga. It doesn’t hurt to have a spare of such a classic game.

2) Another copy of Suicide Express for the Commodore 64 – For reason, see above 🙂

3) I bought, probably my 7th version of, a Psion II organiser. I loved this little hand-held beauty. A dream to program and very powerful back in the day. A pocket genius of the 80’s.

4) Cassette version of a Commodore 64 game: Ring of Power.

5) Cassette version of a VIc-20 game: Computer War.

6) Another 50 x 3.5″ floppy disks for the Amiga, random blanks and originals, in a box, for less than a tenner 🙂

7) Cassette version of ‘Thrust’ for the Amstrad (great bloody game!)

8) Cassette version of Meteor Storm (by Quicksilva) for the Spectrum

9) 8 original Star Wars figures from the 80’s, including a Stormtrooper and Han solo (about a fiver)

10) Another 17 old 2000AD comics, circa early 90’s

11) Another copy of The Chaos Engine for the Megadrive (see aforementioned excuse regarding spare copies of classic games)

12) Dragons Fury cartridge for the Megadrive. It looks like a classic pinball game that I had for the SNES – Jackie Crush (jap import)

That’s about it for now… go forth and enjoy yourselves!

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1 Response to A week or two in retro heaven…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    So much retro goodness going on here and a great selection (apart from disk swapping annoyance that is SFII). Haven’t played Raid over Moscow in ages…right, the c64 is coming back out this weekend!

    Looks like you’ve picked up some killer bargains too. Who doesn’t love 2000 AD, especially during the 80’s and early 90’s. Looking forward to the new Dredd film, let’s hope it’s better than the last.

    Nice to see you’re a vintage SW Kenner collector, I’ve got quite a few myself.

    Happy gaming!


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