Return of the Commodores…

I’ve been having some great fun with 2 commodore machines lately; the trusty ‘ol C64 and it’s big sister – the Amiga.

Here are a few highlights of playtime…

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3 Responses to Return of the Commodores…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Great post mate and some lovely shots of the games directly on the screen – not always easy! I need to return my Commodore’s to the geek desk as the Spectrums have dominated it for too long these past few months.

    So….did you resist the urge to fly under the golden gate bridge in ‘Interceptor’? 🙂

    • smuggsy says:

      Thanks mate, appreciate the kind comments as always. It’s such a hard decision to go Speccy or Commodore, isn’t it amazing how that debate is still raging 30 years on 😀
      C64 is winning my affections right now, but there’s always a little space for any type of Sinclair, such a tough choice. The only way to win is to buy a bigger house with more spare rooms 🙂
      And of course flying under the Golden Gate Bridge is the first thing I did 😀

  2. Nice screenshots! 🙂 Lot’s of awesome games you’ve got there.

    I think Stiggy is afraid of bringing out all his Commodore stuff, as he knows he’s gonna get hooked. 😉 Once you pop, you can’t stop..

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