Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 13 & 14

Got some proper eye candy on Day 13, making all my games look sharp and sexy is this lovely scart lead for the C64…
Day 14 rescued that elusive tearaway Mr. Monty Mole, nice to know he is still wanted after 28 years 🙂



Just thought I would add a little edit to this post and include a picture of the C64 using the scart, damn it’s beautiful!

As I said in a comment reply to Stiggy, it’s like going from watching a 30 years old well worn out VHS tape (RF Cable) to watching a DVD


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2 Responses to Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 13 & 14

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Totally agree, one of the best buys for a C64 and family. Picture is so much better with this. Have ordered from these guys in the past (including new floppy drive belts for my +3) and cables have always of high standard.

    • smuggsy says:

      Yeah I’ve used the company before as well, received the cable today – great service as usual.
      As for the quality of the scart connection; it’s like going from a grotty old VHS tape to DVD, absolutely incredible difference and very nice on the eyes 🙂

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