Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 11 & 12

Mega stoked about the purchases over the last 2 days! 
Simply 2 of the greatest games ever released on the #C64, so rarely available on ebay, and I nabbed them both for just over 10 bucks 🙂
Day 11 and the most excellent Suicide Express is mine… all mine!!
Day 12 and the helicopter antics of Raid on Bungeling Bay will soon be spinning the ’64 in to a frenzy.
If you have a 64 then these are must have titles… go now!

Best day of ebay purchases ever… w00t!


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13 Responses to Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 11 & 12

  1. Suicide Express! Haha never heard of it. Is it really that good? I wanna see screenshots! 😀 or gameplay! 😀

    • smuggsy says:

      hehe… here’s a youtube vid of Suicide Express 🙂

      Excellent use of the SID chip too, great music!
      I love it, so yeah I think it is awesome. I spent many hours playing back in the day, and I’m looking forward to firing it back up 🙂

      • woah that looks super-cool! ^_^ I really need to get me a C64.. never even played one! Got any advice? 🙂

      • smuggsy says:

        Yeah, my advise is… get one 😀
        A number of versions are available; the original ‘breadbin’ shape and the later ‘C64C’ style. The breadbins are a bit more expensive, obviously, but plenty are available on ebay.
        They are famous for the sound chip, affectionately known as ‘SID’
        The C64 had a hard fight against the ZX Spectrum around 1984, it’s a debate that rages today as to which is best – I reserve judgement because I love both 🙂
        All you will need extra, to load games, is a specific cassette deck – called a ‘C2N datacassette’, but they are easy to get.
        If you need pics or any other advise then give me a shout 🙂

  2. woah, cool thanks ^_^ Yeah well basically I’m not familiar with anything regarding that era of gaming. Are they hard to connect to modern TV’s?
    How much is a reasonable price for a complete working set? I just wanna be able to play the games. I might get the ZX spectrum as well.
    For example, would this be a good starter pack?:
    He agreed on sending it internationally which would be 55 pounds.. if nobody else bids I would get it for 65, is that expensive?

    • smuggsy says:

      That’s a great C64 starter pack, and if you can get it for £9.99 then it will be a bargain. But, as always happens with eBay, there will be a last minute rush. That set is probably worth £30-£40, before shipping. I have some trusted seller’s for software, but not really hardware. Best thing to do is set up a search alert and get daily emails when new items are listed.
      I’ve never had problems connecting to an LCD TV but some people do. I’ve just ordered a scart connector for my C64, so that is so much easier and much better quality to look at. 🙂

  3. Oh cool, is that some kind of special scart cord made for the commodore? Or just a common one?
    I’ll see if I can win that auction below 30 hopefully! ^_^

  4. Great! Thanks, as soon as I win myself a C64 auction I’ll make sure to buy that as well ^_^
    And thanks for adding me on G+ 😀 You could also add my gaming blog’s G+ if you’d like, just search “Retro Video Gaming”

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