Damn…! Now, where did I put that Colecovision…?

To the loft… let’s go!

I’m dying to play these, I just now have to find what I did with 1 of the 2 Colecovisions that I own… somewhere… in my loft… <sigh>

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10 Responses to Damn…! Now, where did I put that Colecovision…?

  1. Space Fury sounds cool ^_^ Have you gotten to try it out yet?

    • smuggsy says:

      I found the Colecovision but I can’t find the power supply for it, which is damn frustrating. I actually have 2 machines, so I’m trying to find the other one, but it could take months to find it amongst my stuff 🙂
      It would be quicker for me to get hold of another power supply!

      • Haha, then you should do that ;D
        Wow, it sure sounds like you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around.. is it all game/computer related? Are you like me, one of those people who can never throw away anything? ;D haha

      • smuggsy says:

        hehe… Yup, I am a total retro-gaming collector, and have been picking up machines and software for about the last 15 years, Ebay is my second home 🙂
        And yeah, I never throw anything away, much to my girlfriends disgust – but she is learning to live with it 😉

      • Haha same here, my boyfriend hates that I’m intruding in our work/studio room with all my gaming junk that I am currently “working” with ;D haha
        I’ve been collecting for about 10 years 🙂 Only games though, not really been that into computers..

      • smuggsy says:

        BTW you seem to really like Japanese famicom stuff, from your blog; I found a guy on Ebay UK that sells a lot of that and it seems crazy cheap to me (although it might not be to you!)
        Perhaps you should check it out and let me know what you think 🙂
        Ebay Games | eBay http://bit.ly/J8XlwB

      • I sure do ^_^ I’ve just been collecting them since November last year, but I’m really enjoying it! It’s much more fun to pop a cartridge or a disk into the japanese system which is all colorful and cute, compared to the grey old NES .. 😀
        I have a great seller here in Sweden though with kind of just as cheap prices. If the UK guy combines shipping though it might be worth it for some of those 1 pound games! 😀 Thanks for the advice! ^_^
        Do you have any trusted sellers on Ebay for the ZX Spectrum or C64?

      • smuggsy says:

        Oh and there are some great C64 users in my Google+ circles, if you are on there then look me up 🙂
        Another great Commodore favourite is the Amiga, fantastic machine and you should also add one to your collection eventually, if your boyfriend leaves you more space in the room 😉

  2. Well I already have a room just for my games, but it’s getting kind of full haha, that’s why I’ve been expanding into the work/studio room as well .. lol
    Anyway, yes I have Google+, I don’t know how to find you though o_O I tried searching fro Smuggsy without results.. try searching for me? “Heidi Ekstrand” ^_^

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