Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 1

Okay, thinking about my retro collection recently, I couldn’t decide what to flash my ebay cash on in this month of May. I have a stack of ZX81 stuff, an equal stack of Spectrum stuff, numerous console stuffs… lots of just about everything really, like you all do!

But, from memory, I’ve only a few handfuls of Commodore 64 bits (if you ignore the 8 machines that I own!)
So I decided on a bit of fun: Gonna buy something every day, in May, on Fleabay for the C64 – just to top up the collection.
It might just be a bit of software, it might be a whole new machine, but it’ll be fun.
Here’s my starter… classic game just bought for £3.94 delivered 🙂
Excellent music in this game, bet it sounds really sweet through SID 🙂



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2 Responses to Commodore 64 a day, in May, from Ebay… yeay! – DAY 1

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Great idea mate and not a bad game/conversion to start with. Shame there no multiple routes but the SID renditions are great.

    Stay away from Double Dragon 🙂

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