From triumph to tragedy…

Shadow of the Colossus was the long awaited successor to the highly acclaimed, and best, game on the PS2. ICO had already proved, long before the end of it’s life, what the PS2 could do. So, 4 years later, how could it improve? People were worried that it couldn’t be bettered, unfortunately they were proved right.

Words almost fail me to extend how disappointed I am in this sequel. I’ve just finished ICO and every moment thoroughly impressed me. The beauty of ICO was the adventure, it showed how games where you simply have to escape the room can be extremely entertaining (take note Lara Croft!)

The only thing notibly missing from ICO was the lack of end scene bosses; it only has one, right at the end of the game. It appears they saved them all up for the sequel! This is where S.o.t.C. becomes so disappointing. This is so difficult to admit because the gameplay is excellent, the artwork so beautiful you could shed a tear in every scene, but the simple thing wrong with S.o.t.C. is that it is only half a game. It’s like they designed some awesome bosses and neglected to add any adventure. You charge around on a horse for 10 minutes, find a boss, climb the boss, kill the boss and move on… back to the horse, more charging around and straight to the next boss. Where’s the fun in that?

Okay, I’m only 3 hours in so somebody please tell me it gets better? PLEEEEEASE!

I would score ICO 10/10 and thus SotC only gets 5/10 – it is a perfect half of a game, I just wish they hadn’t got bored and had bothered to finish it off!

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