A quick Top 5…

I finished playing ICO today, so for the 2nd time in her life – I saved Yorda 🙂

I reacquainted myself with this fantastic little gem of a game and, after 8 hours 4 minutes and 36 seconds of play, I realised it was definitely in my Top 3 of best games ever. So I thought I’d have a little post about my Top 5.

Of course this is really in no certain order. All 5 games are #1 titles, and everyone will have an opinion as to what should be in there. But you can’t put 20 games in a Top 5 🙂

Manic Miner
As this is ‘best games ever’ then I’m not confining myself to recent history, as a retro geek it would just be wrong!
This fantastic bedroom-born platformer started them all really, and lit the torch for Mario to follow.
The Chaos Engine
Only strangers to this blog will be unfamiliar with my love for this game. I own 7 big boxed Amiga versions, 1 NTSC  cart for the SNES, 2 versions for the Megadrive; it has been ported to my Sony PSP, my Caanoo, my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and a Motorola Xoom tablet – Obsessed? moi? damn right I am! I think I have all the bases covered if I ever want to play this game. It is a classic.
Yup, this is right where I would put it. My 3rd most favourite game of all time. Not only is it beautiful on the eye, for a 10 year old game, the physics and programming are truly astonishing. I cannot for the life of me think why this has not become a 10 game franchise, perhaps the time involved to make such a masterpiece is just too great. I would much rather play this game than any Zelda game, yes – even Occarina of Time 🙂
Super Mario Kart (SNES)
An all-round brilliant game. The single player is great fun, but hook up 4 players and you will have a raucous evening of fun and laughter.
Super Mario 64
I guess the world would be a terrible place without Mario. The longevity of any character in this industry is generally quite short, but this guy has more than stood the test of time. He was there at the beginning and long may he reign.

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5 Responses to A quick Top 5…

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Nice selection of games mate and totally love Mario Kart multiplayer. I haven’t played Chaos Engine for ages (apart from via Megadrive emulation on my iPad) but now that I’ve got the A1200 setup might fire it up soon as its in my ‘too play’ disk box

    • smuggsy says:

      Cheers pal. I highly recommend a real live play of TCE on the A1200, the way it was meant to be! Emulators are great, but you cant beat the real thing. Good work with the A1200 by the way. I think you might have helped me with your blog post about installing the workbench, I’m really having trouble with mine but will follow your instructions, as soon as I find the time 🙂

  2. The Chaos Engine is awesome. 🙂 There’s nothing like playing it on the real thing. Any of you tried Chaos Engine 2?

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