the circle of life…

Another little gap in my collection was plugged today when I received a shiny little A600, for a mere £14.16 delivered – gotta love ebay 🙂

All of my girlfriends are home 🙂

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5 Responses to the circle of life…

  1. Stiggy says:

    I really wasn’t a great fan of the A600 originally despite it looking similar-ish to my fav compact CBM Plus/4. Kinda looks really cool now and have been thinking about getting one myself these past few months. Do you know if the A600 has the Harddrive header or is this it only on the A600HD?

    Love your photo btw, it makes that A500 look huge 🙂

    • smuggsy says:

      I think this is a standard A600, no HD. I’ve just booted it up and not had much of a play around yet.
      It wasn’t my favourite back in the day either, I stuck to the A500’s and loved them. But I needed one to complete the Amiga set, and it was a bargain 🙂

      • Nice to see the three machines together.

        The Amiga 600 has come a long way since it was released. Now you can get all kinds of upgrades for it; 68030 accelerators, large memory cards and so forth. It can be hooked up to the Internet through the PCMCIA port as well. 😀 I think it is a nice, litte machine. 🙂

        The Amiga 600 has an IDE-port for connecting a hard drive or a CF-adapter.

  2. aliennerd says:

    Nice picture, never did have a 600 but always liked the compact design. My 500 has had it, it’s seriously yellow and no longer works. I’d love to have a really nice clean example, I shall have to keep an eye out for one. Still have an A590 somewhere though I’d be surprised if that was still working.

    • smuggsy says:

      Thanks mate! A basic A500 setup can be picked up quite cheaply on ebay. I’ve recently grabbed a couple for less than £10, if you are anywhere near Kent you are welcome to come and fetch one 🙂
      Would be nice to check and see if the A590 is still working!

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