Still as good as it was… ICO!

I suppose this can still be considered retro gaming, even though I did play it on the PS3 🙂
I grabbed the HD version of ICO yesterday, slightly worried that my rose-tinted glasses would be cracked and wonderful memories destroyed. However, after playing a couple of hours this morning, I have to say it is probably one of the greatest games ever created, certainly one of the best on the PS2. Why it is not heralded as much as any Final Fantasy game, or why it doesn’t have a greater franchise than Zelda, is really a crime.

I loved it before and I now love it more…
The game is absolute genius.

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1 Response to Still as good as it was… ICO!

  1. Love ICO ❤ This game helped me get one of my girl friends into gaming ;D Now she has both a PS3 and Xbox 360! 😀

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