What to play first…?

Granted it is a nice position to be in, but I’ve run out of space under my TV  🙂

How many do you count? how many can you name?


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5 Responses to What to play first…?

  1. stiggyworld says:

    Woo, choices choices and so many cool toys.

    If it was me, i’d maybe fire up the ZX81, then move to either the 16k or +2, maybe a bit of Megadrive Thunderforce action, whilst chilling out to some A500 demo scene tunes and finish off with a bit of Soul Caliber on the DC 🙂

    • smuggsy says:

      If I had the time it would be:-
      ZX81 – 3D Monster Maze
      ZX Spectrum – Manic Miner
      PS1 – Final Fantasy VII
      Amiga A500 – Great Giana Sisters
      Xbox – Kung Fu Chaos
      Megadrive – The Chaos Engine
      Dreamcast – Soul Calibur
      PS2 – Ico
      N64 – Blast Corps
      I’ll ignore the modern 3 systems 🙂

      I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a reasonably priced ThunderForce IV on ebay 🙂

  2. I would have done the following:

    – A nice session of LOTR: The Third Age on the Playstation 2
    – Booted up the Amiga 500 watch a couple of old-school demos (Enigma from Phenomena and Guardian Dragon from Kefrens), then relax with game.
    – Play Mario Kart 64 on the N64
    – Finish it all by trying to beat Gradius V for the 100th time, but failing on one of the later levels, and then thinking to myself.. “next time I’m going to make it.. just one more try…” 😉

    • smuggsy says:

      I must try the LOTR games one day, they passed me by,
      Surely the best Mario Kart has to be the SNES version? 😉
      Gradius V I can appreciate, it gets a little messy…
      The Amiga had the best demo scene, and probably still does!

      • I truly recommend LOTR: The Third Age. It’s a great action-orientated RPG with very good gameplay and a fine storyline. I haven’t played the official LOTR games based completely on the movie, so don’t know if they are any good.

        Hehe.. most people tend to favour the SNES version of Mario Kart, but I think the one on N64 is much more fun. 🙂

        Oh yes, there are so many great demos on the Amiga. It’s amazing what the programmers can cram out of the hardware. I’ve seen 4KB intros that contains many 3D effects and even music!

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