Been up in the loft again…

Found myself a strange looking Commodore 64, in a C64C case. I presume it is a 3rd party add-on. I think it’s kinda fugly compared to the original bread bin 🙂

Also found Shadow of the Beast on Cartridge 😀

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3 Responses to Been up in the loft again…

  1. Stiggy says:

    Hehe, yeah, i keep finding retro stuff in my parents loft presuming that i’d either thrown it away when i moved out or plain forgot all about it.

    That’s an aftermarket south ozzy case alright. Think they retailed for about Twenty quid back in the day. Still got mine too but as you say, not at nice as the breadbin or indeed whiter c64c.

    Nice cart finds too! Haven’t played CHQ II in ages.

    Thanks for the sub also, much appreciated


  2. Great stuff, Smuggsy! 🙂 I was down in the cellar today and took my old Amiga 500 upstairs. Got lot’s of boxes with retro stuff down there and have to go through them some day.. maybe tomorrow.. or not.. 😉

    Cool games there! Chase H.Q 2 is a classic.

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