17 years late to the party and still finding awesome games to play…

I never had a Sega Megadrive (the Genesis to our cousins over the pond) when I was a kidult. Following some recent conversations with cool dudes in Google+ it sparked an interest.

I knew I had a few in my collection but stumbled across one gathering dust in my cellar, I couldn’t believe I had left it down there! So I cleaned it up and instantly fell in love with this classic:-

Now I’m hunting down some other classics, most of all I want The Chaos Engine and have my beady eye on ebay right now.

I have won these 2 beauties and am looking forward to firing them up:-

This is going to be a whole lot of fun 🙂

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4 Responses to 17 years late to the party and still finding awesome games to play…

  1. Andy Parkes says:

    Micro Machines and Speedball 2 are excellent choices!

    other personal favourites

    Revenge of Shinobi
    Ecco the Dolphon
    PGA Tour Golf (any of them!)
    John Madden Football (any of them!)
    Toe Jam & Earl
    Altered Beast
    Golden Axe
    Streets of Rage
    Afterburner 2


  2. smuggsy says:

    Thanks Andy, I’ve already accumulated a few of those!
    Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Streets of Rage are right here waiting to be played. The Chaos Engine and various others are on the way. I’ll try and cross a few more off your list by the weekend 🙂

  3. hi7ch says:

    Yeah, and now you and Eric got me hooked again too. FFS!

    Hey, I nearly pulled my thingie out in public the other day too… the erm, DS! I chickened out at the last minute though and played Sonic CD on the Android instead!

  4. Nice! Hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

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