Another dream fulfilled! Part 3 : 24hours of Spa-Francorchamps

This has been a really good year for fulfilling my dreams.

Earlier in the year I treated myself to an original Tag Heuer watch, something I have wanted since they were the timing sponsors for F1 many many years ago. So I got the limited edition Lewis Hamilton Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Calibre S! And very nice it is too 🙂

Secondly I went to see Howard Jones live at the O2 arena. HJ created the 80’s for me, I followed his music and listened to nothing else. When the opportunity arose the see him perform his 2 greatest albums live, every track back to back, then I couldn’t resist.

Thirdly, last weekend I took a road trip with a couple of friends to the Belgium Grand Prix track at Spa-Francorchamp. A very easy journey from Dover to Dunkirk, followed by a simple straight 3½ hour drive to Spa-Francorchamps. Sadly it wasn’t the F1 we went to see but for a fraction of the price we saw the next best thing, GT supercars. I also got to see some great ex-F1 drivers in action, the likes of Johnny Herbert, Mark Blundell and Stefan Johannson – to name but a few. I could write 10,000 words of detail about the entire weekend, but I’ll just sum it up with pictures and say that it was indeed a dream come true. Next year F1? maybe!

Click on the pic for a larger image:-

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