the world in your pocket…

So, I’ve had a great few days playing with emulators on my Android mobile (Samsung Galaxy S)

So far I have the best game ever created, Final Fantasy VII, running through PSX4Droid

Not only does the game play perfectly, but the on screen controls also work very well. If you have Android then I would highly recommend you add this classic to your library. This certainly kills the long hours of train journeys or lunch breaks!

Secondly I chose the joint 1st greatest game every created: Super Mario Kart (SNES). Snesoid is the emulator of choice!

Again, this is a perfect conversion. Sadly the playability is very difficult with the touch screen, the game is just too damn fast for your slippery fingers to keep up. However, google tells me that there are a few possibilities to get a wireless controller working via bluetooth, flavour of choice being a Wii controller! But apparently my particular phone hates attaching weird peripherals via bluetooth so I am yet to get this working, but I’ll keep at it and report back.

Last but not least for this report; my personal all time absolutely favourite game, maybe not as great in some eyes as the above choice but to me it is a perfect game: The Chaos Engine (Amiga) via UAE4droid

Again, sadly, the controls are a little tricky but you could easily get used to them. Due to no actual tactile ‘keys’ you will often have to keep re-placing your fingers on the correct part of the touch screen. But, these things are so cool it is worth persevering.

This has certainly confirmed my suspicion that an Android tablet is going to be far more useful to me than an iPad2. Imagine these great games on a portable 10.1″ screen! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Galaxy Tab!

Just one other thing to throw in here, can’t be arsed to create a new heading 🙂

I found a great new use for a ZX Spectrum keyboard today. It makes a pretty trendy retro table mat ! £1.5o delivered from good ‘ol fleabay 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a jolly nice day!

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