A peek and poke at Week 21


A quick look at the best bits of my week!

The 1st of this weeks ebay wins included the following chunky list of beauties, all delivered for about £35. Considering the ZX81 stuff is sealed, I thought it was a bargain =)

Megadrive (All boxed with instructions unless stated otherwise):-
Mega Games 6
Altered Beast
Rocket Knight Adventures
Jewel Master
Virtua Fighter 2 (No instructions)
Mega Games 1 (No instructions)
Generations Lost (Cassette only)

ZX Spectrum:
Leaderboard Pro Par 3
4 Soccer
Elite (Gold Edition with instructions)
Dragon torc
Arcade Hall of Fame
Army Moves

Timex Sinclair 1000 (ZX81) All new and sealed:-
The Cube Game
The Coupon Manager
The Budgeter
The Gambler
The Flight Simulator
The Organizer
Critical Path Analysis
Janes Advanced tactical Fighters (ATF), boxed with instructions
A selection of 5 PC magazine discs

But I think the best buy of the week came from a little day trip to the lovely East Kent coast town of Ramsgate. Passing a little local shop, which looked like a poor version on CEX, windows full of stolen mobile phones etc., Pamela convinced me to have a look inside and boy am I glad she did. Tucked in the corner I spotted a bunch of ZX Spectrum gear. The guy wanted £1 each for any of the games, and about £20 for a Speccy+2. I passed on the console, already having a number in the loft, but many of the games were well sort after. At the top of the pile my eyes shot out on storks when I saw 3 Psygnosis/Melbourne House games were still SEALED! – Double-megaboner-w00t!

I ended up walking out of the shop with 17 infamous games, for £15. The guy gave me a £2 discount for being such a good customer! A fine haul I think!

Another great discovery of the week was that the rather awesome Commodore Amiga emulator, UAE4Droid, is now – as the name implies – available for Android phones.

So I can play Chaos Engine! on my mobile phone!


The controls take a lot of getting used to, and would be much nicer playing it on a 10.1 android tablet. This has also definitely helped me decide whether I need a Samsung Android Tab or the iPad2! Android wins and will get my money!

Now, at time of typing, I notice the PSX (PS1) emulator is also working on Android, so I’m off to install Final Fantasy 7 and RollCage. Hopefully more to report next week.

Thanks for reading and go have a great week!

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3 Responses to A peek and poke at Week 21

  1. That is what I call a bargain! Congratulations on your purchase. 🙂

    • smuggsy says:

      Why thank you sir! It’s us folks that keep these treasures safe. They will be gently sealed in bubblewrap and condemned to the loft for future generations to appreciate 🙂

  2. That’s true! 🙂 Preservation it is!

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