Life in Week 20

 Just a quicky folks to summarize the week…
Got myself some awesome eBay bargains:-
Sale date: 18/05/11 – £2.75
MSX ~ Manic Miner by Software Projects ~ Sealed
Sale date: 18/05/11 – £3.99
Rare Zx81 game Catacombs excellent condition
Sale date: 14/05/11 – £2.99
Vintage Star Wars Chess – PC Game
Sale date: 10/05/11 – £2.99

Sale date: 08/05/11 – £8.35

I cannot pick a favourite out of the above purchases, because they are all actually quite awesome. I love anything to do with the ZX81, so Catacombs might edge it, but then Miner Willy was the king of platforming and such a damn fine bunch of games.

This weeks gaming consisted of:-

Continuing to fight my way through NFS:Shift 2, but only because I love racing games and love to love racing games, but this really isn’t proving as enjoyable as the 1st game.
I also unwrapped Fallout: New Vegas which has been sitting on the shelf for a few months now. The problem is that I know this game could zap 40 hours of my life, and I need a huge bandwidth of attention span to get in to it, which I don’t have at the moment. So it might well sit on the shelf another 6 months before I pick it up again. Suffice to say though, it’s a bloody awesome game.
Probably my most enjoyable gaming experience of the week was Gatling Gears on the 360 XBLA. This is a tiny 1200 point game which really throws you back to a very very awesome game on the Commodore Amiga, the truly amazing and unforgettable The Chaos Engine’. I like Gatling Gears so much that I flew through the 2 level free version and happily coughed up the 8 quid to play the rest of the game. If you like top down retro shooters then this is the game for you. Buy it! Buy it now!
At the opposite end of the spectrum (no not the ZX, unfortunately) I had a most unpleasant gaming experiance when I stoopidly volunteered to review ‘Star Raiders’ on 360 XBLA for the DBR website. Now I like the premise but I gotta say that I think Atari fucked it up, or rather the developers did, but Atari should have canned it rather than releasing it. Okay maybe it’s not that bad, but 4/10 is bad enough.
Oh, and one last thing: These podcasts have been keeping me sane on trips too and from work, so check them out:-
That’s enough for my week… thanks for reading… be well!


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