Re-booting games… A good thing? or bad thing?

Should we let the Sun set on the old classics? or let them rise again?

I love old games.

I grew up with gaming, it is in my blood and I absolutely love looking back at worlds gone by. But, does that necessarily mean I want o play these old games for more than 5 minutes? sometimes, yes! – mostly, no  🙂

I’ve just had an hour of playing the rejuvenated Prince of Persia trilogy in HD on my PS3. It was, and to a degree it still is, a great game. But my rose tinted glasses had filtered out the frustrating controls, needless hack and slash, repetitive bouncing off walls and awful camera angles. This, I had forgotten, once used to really piss me off.

Generally the game now seems, well, boring! Not because it isn’t CoD, which is what the entire current market seems to focus on, but because it is too much of the same thing through the game, from the very beginning: Enter room, run around, die, kill stuff, jump, die, bounce, swing, die, swing more, jump more, die more and exit the room.

Polishing the graphics does not a 21st century HD game make. The character movements are so dated, the physics are dated, the general ambiance of the game is… dated. Of course these things cannot easily be changed, but it is certainly not going to impress the new generation of players. My main concern is that it will spoil the glowing wonders that us old folk bestow upon these archaic crafts of genius programming. The kids can now look back and think “pah! that’s rubbish!” … and we will cry: “Noooooooo… it was so beautiful, at the time!”

In some ways I think if I continue to play these reboots, it will completely tarnish the whole wonderful experience I remember when I played, and completed, the games first time around.

I think there is a good market for rebooting games, and the old classics should be played by the new generation, just to see where it all began. Everyone should enjoy what we once enjoyed, but they will not have the lasting memory of partaking in the epic adventure that we once had.

Perhaps the simple answer is, I should just stop buying them. But the retro kid in me needs to re-live the memory… gah!

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