Time to switch my primary :)

Man, Linux is cooking nowadays!

Spent the last couple of days tweeking and tuning Ubuntu 10.10 <binary geek chuckle> and it really is a very very serious OS. Okay I might be a couple of months late realising this, but hey – I’m finally almost converted!
I’ve been toying with Linux since Windows was still wetting the bed, and I’ve always liked what I see. Other than the obvious rebellion to Windo$e, I’ve always preferred it as an OS. It’s stable and basic, an “un-fucked with” OS that does exactly what it says on the tin, without treating its users like fucktards. You have to know what you are doing to use it, so it is educational from the minute you switch on.
Now, I’m almost at the stage that I can go primary with it. I just need a binary newsreader, par2 and rarchive – all of which are out there. finally I will kiss goodbye to M$ – It’ll be a proud day!
Linux – Live Long and Prosper  🙂
❤ penguins

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