Little Big planet 2 – my full review (better late than never!)

Sincere apologies for being a little late to the party with this review, but when you get a game this good then it becomes more important to play it than write about it 🙂

Firstly, if you have read many reviews already about LBP2 then you will find nothing new here. I will use all the usual superlatives: Awesome, fantastic, groundbreaking, stunning, spectacular, brilliant, amazing… etc… etc…

If you are familiar with the game then a review of it could be written in 3 words: AWESOME, BUY IT!

However, being a little passionate about this wonderful gaming achievement, I decided to ramble another 1,100 words, sorrrrrrrrrrrry!

It is always a sad moment to finish a game you enjoyed playing, especially when it is a really great game like Little Big Planet 2. However, this game is the king of user created content. Finishing the 30 level story mode is barely scratching the surface of what you can do with this game, only another 3 million levels to go!

Few games can claim to be never ending. Sure you could run about the Fallout wastelands for the rest of your life, or ride around as Jack Marston until your horse was old enough to be cat food. But Little Big Planet is truly never ending, you would be on your 3rd generation of grand children before they finished every available community level.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of Little Big Planet then I guess you don’t even own a Ps3. I suggest you do what I did and go buy a Ps3 just to play the LBP games. I’ve been a huge platform genre fan since the early years of 1982 with Manic Miner and Monty Mole, and boy have things come a long way. For the last 25 years the little plumber from Nintendo has always been the synonymous trophy holder in the platform genre. Alas no more, Mario is dead, Sackboy rules, Nintendo should be scared and all other platform game developers should just sit in a dark room and cry. Media Molecule are now light years ahead in the creativity of this genre. Even if the brand of Sackboy doesn’t last as long as Mario, I can’t wait to see what MM do next.

Okay,300 words in and I haven’t even started:  Enough of sounding like a sackboy fanboy (which I unashamedly am!) here we go:

So, as you’ve guessed, I liked this game, I loved this game, I would marry this game! But what makes a sequel worth getting if you have the 1st game. Well, naturally there are a lot of sexy new ways to get your Sackboy around the planet. Swing, bounce or ride a rabbit – it’s all here.

The level design is once again incredibly beautiful with some awesome tunes to  toe-tap along to. I actually found myself replaying levels slowly, just to admire the scenery.  The amazing level of “Victoria’s Laboratory” has to be my favourite. This whole level is made of chocolate and cake in such intricate detail that you find your mouth watering. The temptation to lick your TV gets close to that of a lesbian’s pussy fetish. Plus who’d of thought that Jam was so deadly!

Customising the little fella is still as fun, so many elements at your desposal. You can almost create, or download, any gorgeous sackboy design that suits your current heartthrob’s hot looks.

Okay, back to the story mode. You are pitting your wits against the Negativitron (the editor of the Daily Mail?) and fighting your way through each level to the inevitable boss blockade at the end. The wee man now has a few new aids as his disposal, via the “Creatinator”, including the ability to put out fires with a water cannon and a grapple which enables you to attach to certain objects and swing, Johnny Weissmuller styly, around your exotic locations. The grapple control is probably the only slight blemish on this perfect game, controlling the length of rope and swing direction with only the left stick is really not that easy.

I also enjoyed the “lemming” levels: The Negativitron has brainwashed some of your little sackboy friends and you need to save them. They follow you through the level and only the strong survive. It strikes me that the Negativitron is quite a RL social statement. In this current great depression that we live in, negativity needs to be defeated and positivity shall rein once more.

The level design also contains cleverly adapted areas that can only be reached with the help of a friend or 3, bringing fun for all the family.

The traditional side games are still available in LBP2, unrelated to the main story. These can be played at any time simply to boost your penis size by beating your mates score.

A fully concise review of this game would take almost as many words as there are community levels. I haven’t even covered the ability to join that community and make your own levels. The standard story level will only take you a day, about 6-7 hours, to fly through. This alone is worth every penny. I’ve known longer games that bought much less excitement. Even with my limited artist skills I will be tempted to create some levels, perhaps a 21st Century “Penis Invaders”. You are not only restricted to creating more platform levels. The design mode is able to give top down views, making great little racing games (Micro Machines anyone?) or even side-scrolling shooters. The limit of play is only held back by your imagination.

Okay, sure I’ve missed stuff and you will vilify me for that,  I need to sum up at some point. If you like platform games then buy LBP. If you don’t own a PS3 then buy one, you won’t find a better game of this genre on any other platform.

It seems to me that a lot of game reviewers really dislike giving games 100%, or 10/10. I can’t understand this. Many will say that giving a game 100% means that nothing could ever get any better. But surely the score of a game is reflective in that genre and at the moment in time of release. So, are there any better platform games out there right now that are better than LBP2? NO! – simples. Does LBP2 deserve 100%? Well, yes it does. Will I score it 100%? Well…

The graphical content and smoothness of LBP is unsurpassable. The level design is unmatched, each level is different and you will never get bored, ever. Sure, the game is all about “run, bounce, swing, dodge, kill” but the design is such that it is not repetitive.

Gameplay is astounding. The controls are superb, but not perfect. It is for this reason, the frustrating grapple function, that LBP2 is docked 0.01%

Sound in LBP2 seems lacking on the rare occasion. Most levels sit wonderfully within their audio, a perfect match. But perhaps 1 or 2 levels could have been ever so slightly better. To be honest it is hardly noticeable, the sound is not the most important aspect of this game. Let’s say it deserves to strike off another 0.01% from the score.

So, although the complete game package of LBP2 is worthy of 100%, being really picky would bring that down to 99.98%, which is such a strong score, something else for the web weirdos to complain about. Could a game ever be 100%? maybe, but at the moment to take off 0.02% is the closest any game is likely to get. Therefore, at this moment in time, in this genre, it is the most perfect game and should really be scored 100%. However, Media Molecule need to save something for LBP3, right? Fix the 2 minor faults in LBP2 and we shall have our 100%. Until then LBP2 should carry the trophy of perfection. So, MM, oh please please please make an LBP3, you have to, it’s not fair to keep this talent locked away. Jeeeeez this game is so fucking good that even scoring it is difficult. I feel dirty by deducting the smallest amount from the highest accolade. Fuck it, it’s a damn fine game… enough said 🙂

This game has kept me more than entertained for a week, and I will be playing it all year. There are not many other games out there that can say the same.

Gamer Score 99.98% (but really it is 100%!)

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